Jetblue Cancellation Policies Due to COVID-19

Who doesn't enjoy the excitement of planning a new adventure and finally securing your tickets to the airport? However, there are times when life changes and you're forced to alter your plans or even cancel your ticket.

Anyone who has experienced this before is aware of the procedure of changing or cancelling the flight ticket is costly and inconvenient.

If you've purchased your ticket through JetBlue you'll need are a few things you must be aware of to make the procedure as simple as it can be. Learn everything you need to know about JetBlue's policy on cancellations of flights!

Cancellation Policies Due to COVID-19

As a response to COVID-19 epidemic, when you purchase a JetBlue flight prior to May 31, 2021, then you'll be able to modify or cancel it with no cost. It is possible to book a rebook for any date until the close of JetBlue's schedule through the Manage Your Trips part of your account online (a price difference could be applicable). If you decide to cancel your trip, you'll be issued an JetBlue Travel Bank credit that is valid up to 12 months.

If you book beyond May 31st, 2021 there are no cancellation or change fees applicable to Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra and Mint prices before departure day. A $75 charge applies for Blue, Blue Plus, and Mint rates for confirmed same-day changes, however this is waived for Blue Extra fares.

Blue Basic fares will be assessed the following charges for cancellation or change:

  • Journey within U.S., Caribbean, Mexico and Central America: $100
  • Other routes Other routes

Read the complete policy. If you booked through an intermediary, you should check with your booking agent to learn about their policies.


JetBlue's Cancellation Policy: Flights Paid With Cash or Points

Standard Tickets

All customers be given the right to cancel their reservation within 24 hours after the date of their reservations to cancel or change their booking, without being charged a cancellation charge regardless of the price that they have selected. This is the case when your reservation is completed seven or more days in advance of the date of departure.

If you do not show up to your departure and you do not change or cancel before the scheduled departuretime, all the money associated with that segment will be forfeited.

If you paid for your flight using TrueBlue points The points you used to purchase the ticket will be returned to the account of your TrueBlue account.

Refundable Tickets

Another alternative is to buy tickets that are refundable. While this can be much more expensive, it also comes with the added benefit that in the event you need the cancellation of your trip, the payment will process fully to the original method of payment, and not to receiving credit for future flights.

 JetBlue refunds the cost of their tickets. Image Credit: JetBlue

Mosaic Members

JetBlue offers just one tier in elite status -the Mosaic. You are eligible in the Mosaic status by collecting 15,000 base flight points in the calendar year, or by taking 30 segments in addition to 12,000 base flight points in one calendar year. Basis flight points refer to three times points for every dollar earned for JetBlue flights. In addition to a host of additional benefits, fees for same-day switch-outs are free for Mosaic members as well as for all others who are on their schedule.

Hot Tips:Business owners with The JetBlue Business Card can use their credit card to attain JetBlue Mosaic status after spending $50,000 or more during each calendar year.

JetBlue's Change Policy: Flights Paid With Cash or Points

Standard Tickets

Travelers can alter any flight scheduled for May 31st 2021, and without charge. You can change your booking on any flight until the closing date of JetBlue's schedule on the Manage the Trips area of your account online (a cost difference could be applicable).

Mosaic Members

All fees for change are waived for Mosaic members as well as all other people in their travel plans, which includes the same day switches.

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How To Cancel a Flight on JetBlue

Fortunately, JetBlue makes the process to cancel or change your flight quite simple. Visit its website and sign in with the TrueBlue account. After logging in, click Manage Your Trips and choose which flight you'd like to defer from the upcoming travel. If you need assistance, you can contact the helpline toll-free at 800-JET-BLUE (538-2583).

 Just click Manage Trips to alter or cancel your reservation. Image Credit: JetBlue

Hot Tips:Avoid a $25 non-refundable cost per person to change or cancelling a reservation over the phone . Manage your reservation on the internet.


How To Use JetBlue Travel Bank Credit

When you make a booking on JetBlue's JetBlue web site, customers will be given the option of using the JetBlue travel credit when you pay on the screen. You can see the balance on your account, and then select the amount of money you'd like to apply to your booking. You don't need to utilize all of your balance, however you'll require the TrueBlue as well as Travel Bank login details to access the funds.

If you want to use the travel credit as well as credit card, select Travel Bank as your first method of payment. After the funds are credited to your credit card, you can enter the details to pay for the balance.

Final Thoughts

Although JetBlue's cancellation policy may not be as expansive like an airline such as Southwest however, it's definitely less complex than other policies.

All JetBlue flights booked until May 31st, 2021 may be changed or cancelled without charge. Only Blue Basic fares will pay beyond this date. Prior to the COVID-19 epidemic, JetBlue's standard fee for cancellation and change was determined by the type of ticket purchased and the amount of the fare. Blue Basic not eligible for cancellations or changes.